adidas GLITCH Football Boots – The Ultimate Guide

The new adidas GLITCH sounds more like a mysterious puzzle than game changing football boot. Described by adidas as an “interchangeable football boot”, the GLITCH allows players to change up their boots whenever they choose.

You merge the inner shoe with the outerskin to fit your requirements for that day.
But how does the adidas GLITCH work, is it worth the money and how do you get your hands on a pair?

Read on and we will answer all of your adidas GLITCH questions. But starting off, what is so special about the Glitch football boot?

What is the adidas GLITCH?

The adidas GLITCH is all about disturbance and belonging to a limited community. The two part boot concept is straightforward, you have several inner shoes and outerskins.

You can then pick your combination and slot the inner shoe into your chosen outerskin and then you have a complete football boot.

The GLITCH allows you to create your own top end football boot anytime you want. The interchangeable skins allow you to mix things up anytime you get bored with your current style. So if your team changes kit colours or you want to go for something special for a cup final replace the skin and you’re ready to play.

Much cheaper than shelling out for a new pair of boots.

The marketing campaign behind the GLITCH is also something new, but we’ll discuss that later on.

What’s so special about the adidas GLITCH Inner Shoe?

The most important part of the adidas GLITCH is the inner shoe. Made from the same 4 way stretch techfit material used on the adidas X 16+ Purechaos Sock, which allows for a very comfortable tight fit around your foot. This comfort is increased by the breathable insole and synthetic suede padding around the hell.

The inner shoe support comes from it’s sprintframe outsole situated underneath the shoe and around the heel cap. This support is vital as the outerskins lacks any real structure or stability.

Along the bottom of the inner shoe there are 6 studs and 2 rubber elements, one at the front of the sprintframe outsole and the other on the heel cup. The studs on the inner shoe slot into the stud housing of the outerskins and lock in, allowing a light football boot.

The adidas GLITCH Inner Show comes in the following options:

What is the Adidas GLITCH Outerskin?

The outerskin is basically an empty shell that houses the inner shoe, with studs on the bottom. Similar to the adidas Purechaos, however less foam padding allows for a closer touch on the ball.

All the structure and stability of the outerskin comes form the plastic connecting the studs to the outerskin. This is why the support of the inner shoe is so important, and once the inner and outer are fused together, there is a high degree of comfort and lock down for the foot.

The outerskin comes in the following stud configurations and colourways:

How Comfortable are the Adidas GLITCH football boots

The inner shoe’s techfit ensures a great deal of comfort and support around your foot again feeling very similar to the Purechaos.

adidas have done really well to make the GLITCH feel like one complete boot when assembled and the performance is as expected from a top end boot.

How to put the adidas GLITCH Football Boots On

Actually getting the boots on for the first time is quite difficult, however this snug fit ensure maximum lock down when the boot is fully assembled.

adidas suggest two aways to put the GLITCH on:

1. Assemble the boot by inserting the Inner Shoe into the Outerskin, ensuring the innershoe studs are locked into the housing of your Outerskin, then use your fingers to pull the boot on.

2. Opt to put the parts on separately. Go with the Innershoe first and then put the Outerskin on afterwards. (we felt the second option was slightly more difficult.

Practice makes perfect with both these options, however once you have adidas GLITCH on all the effort will be worth it.

The Negatives of the adidas Gltich football boots

Don’t think we are bashing the adidas GLITCH, as we absolutely love the concept and design. However we need to look at all aspects of the football boot, and the main issue is how does it compare with the adidas X 16+ Purechaos?

First off the adidas designers have worked tirelessly to complete the GLITCH with tremendous results. But in theory, the GLITCH is an interchangeable Puerchaos without laces. The main negative with no laces, is that the Gltich does not provide as much lock down as the Purechaos or other laced boots.

The other issue is the weight of the GLITCH. Although the inner shoe and outerskin are both light, once you combine them together the weight drastically increases. However we feel this is acceptable for the versatility provided by the adidas GLITCH.

Whats in the Adidas GLITCH Starter Pack?

Once you get past the gatekeepers, you will have the chance to purchase the adidas GLITCH starter pack. This pack includes:

  • a GLITCH welcome starter pack
  • 1 x Innershoe
  • 2x  Outerskins
  • 1 x shoe horn
  • 1 x How to wear guide

The starter pack is only available for first time buyers to ensure all of the Glitch community receive the same experience.

The adidas GLITCH starter pack retails at £249.95, which also offers a Home Try On Scheme. This allows you to train and play in the adidas GLITCH for two weeks to see if you like them. If you don’t a full refund will be granted…now thats confidence!

SO..How To Get A Pair of Adidas GLITCH

At this moment in time there is only one way to get your hands on a GLITCH starter pack and that is through the adidas GLITCH app.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the initial role out of this boot is within small communities based in London. Once you purchase the starter pack you will be given 5 invites to give to your friends.

However adidas do reward you for if 3 of these referrals turn into GLITCH purchases.

Essentially adidas is allowing the early adopters to be promoters for the GLITCH and rewarding them for pushing there message. Very clever adidas.

adidas is also offering same day delivery in London, so once you buy you may even get your boots within 4 hours.

How To Get An adidas GLITCH Invite Code

To purchase a pair of Adidas GLITCH via the App you need an invite code. Adidas suggest two ways to obtain a code:

1. Ask your friends who are already part of the community
2.Follow the #Glitch16 on social media to get your hands on a code

When will the GLITCH be available outside of the UK?

adidas has confirmed that the GLITCH will be available outside the UK sometime this year. The popularity and buzz so far is just increasing demand, however a date has not yet been set.

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