Nike Tiempo Football Boots

Nike Tiempo Football Boots – Made for the Defensive Player

The Nike Tiempo football boots range was created for the player whos game involves defensive play, strong tackles. A player who requires comfort and fit over everything else. Available is a variety of price ranges, their is a Tiempo boot for players of all levels.

In this respect there are Very few boots on the market compare to the Tiempo’s comfort, which is created by the soft and flexible Kangaroo and Kangalite material. The boots provides great support and stability from its internal skeleton, which improve the boots lifespan and durability.

The boots strikezone is made cleaner by the Tiempos off center tongue design. which allows for a larger sweet-spot.

Nike Tiempo Style and Comfort

These boots are designed for a full contact in a tackle, they are durable flexible and comfortable. The choice of materials used by Nike in the product of the Tiempos are top drawer, which ensure players continue purchasing a pair season after season.

Some of the unique features that can be seen throughout the Tiempo range are:

  • Internal Heel Counter – The heel counter offers support and protection from kicks and knocks in a tackle
  • EVA Midsole – This shock absorbing midsole is a great feature that takes the pressure out of one on one challaneges
  • Stud Configuration – The stud configuration provide great traction and grip on wet ground
  • Although the price of the the Tiempo may seem slightly lower than other Nike ranges, the quality certainly isn’t. If you want confience that your boots will support you when its needed, then the Nike Tiempo boots are definitely an option to consider.

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