Nike Magista Football Boots

Nike Magista Football Boots – Made for the Creative Players

The Nike Magista football boots range is the perfect solution for the player whose game involves creating chances and dictating the play. This is one of the most popular collections from the Nike Football Boots range.

The boot features great support around the ankle and middle of the foot, whilst the NikeSkin on the upper of the boot improves players touch on the ball. The elite level models in the Magista Range are the Obra and Opus, both of these styles feature a rounded stud configuration to help players move with more agility, plus off-centre lacing to allow for a greater striking area on the front of the boot.

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Nike Magista Football Boots Technology

These boots are designed to improve a players touch, traction whilst still provided a great fit. The stand out design feature on the Magista football boot is Nike’s Flyknit material, which allows the player’s foot to get even closer to the ball. This improves control, agility, speed and feel for the ball.

Nike worked with some of the world’s best players and designers over a 4 year period to create the Nike Magista boot. This research highlighted a need for a boot that conforms to a player’s foot (much like a sock), which is provided by the Flyknit technology.

The Magistas Pebax Nylon Plate with conical stud pattern also combines with the Flyknit to allow a 360-degree rotational traction, which helps with agility.

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