Nike Hypervenom Phatal 3

The third tier boot in the Nike Hypervenom range is the Nike Hypervenom Phatal 3. Although for a mid-tier boot the Phatal is still pricey at around £135, which is similar to some top tier boots on the market. However, including the Dynamic Fit Collar adds a lot of value to boot and makes it a definite option to consider.

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The collar itself is thicker than that of the Hypervenom Phantom 3 and the feel on foot is a lot different. With no All Condition Control or foam pads to aid with striking the Phatal is a far less technical boot than the higher tier Phantom although the tongueless construction and Flywire have been added to the boot for added lockdown. Plus the NikeSkin material brings your foot closer to the ball when striking or dribbling. 

Unfortunately, Nike has not included the HyperReact Plate on the soleplate of the Phatal 3 as seen on the Phantom 3, and the choice of materials are more inferior. However, the stud configuration of the top tier Hypervenom’s has been added for better traction.

More details on the Hypervenom Phatal Boot Features

Made from one complete piece of material the Phatal 3 is durable and light, with a textured upper which helps with ball control. 

The Flywire cables aid in sideways movement, provided a solid support for the ankles, without your feet slipping inside the boot. The cables are connected to the boots laces, to ensure an exact fit of the boot when laced up. 

Phatal 3’s Dynamic Fit Collar
The collar on the Phatal is slanted to ensure it fits with the ankle joint when performing agile movements. Providing a sock-like fit around your foot and the sensation that the boot is a part of your leg apposed to a shoe out your foot. The built in collar also gives the player added stability when moving sideways, so they have no distraction when twisting and turning. 

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