Nike Hypervenom Phade 3

Are you looking for a pair of the Nike Hypervenom Phade Football Boots? Well, we have you covered. The following post has everything you need to know before buying a pair.

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The Hypervenom Phade’s Boot Construction

Nike is renowned for producing well-engineered sports products. From Dri-Fit t-shirts to running spikes, they have raised the bar for every sport. Among its vast and comprehensive range of products, the Nike Hypervenom Phade are a unique and well-designed football boot.

The Quality of the Phade’s Upper

Available in two different classes of Phade 3 FG and Phade III SG, the Nike Hypervenom Phade were designed with ball control and precision in mind.

The boots have a textured and synthetic leather upper while allows for supreme ball control and ball touch. It’s 3-D textured upper creates friction between the ball and the boots which improve ball control, passing, dribbling, and shooting.

The all-weather resistant synthetic material is great for offering ultimate comfort on any ground type or weather condition. Whether it is rain, sun or snow, the Nike Phade boot technology still works effectively. Meaning you don’t have to worry about wear and tear in rough wearing.

How Comfortable Are the Hypervenom Phade’s

Another important aspect of the Phade’s is the support and comfort. The soft inner textile allows proper movement of the foot with an incredible fit. Players do not feel congested or trapped as the boot molds to the shape and size of the foot. Also, both the Phade 3 FG and Phade III SG are light in weight, allowing players to focus more on your game.

Hypervenom Phade Stud Configuration and Traction

The Phade 3 FG comes with a premium mixed conical and chevron firm-ground (FG) studded plate, while the Phade III SG has five strategically placed soft-ground (SG) studs.

Both serve different purposes on different pitches. The Phade 3 FG focuses on providing stability and firmness on short grass and wet pitches that are not muddy. While the Phade III SG are perfect for wet and muddy playing fields.

The important aspect of both Phade boot types is that it gives maximum traction on every kind of playing field.

The studs and plate fitted at the bottom of the boots are made of full thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Not only does the full-TPU gives advance support to the player, it is also resistant to abrasion. Meaning that the studs of the shoe are durable and long-lasting.

Advance Lacing System of the Hypervenom Phade

Since Cristiano Ronaldo introduced the use lacing for free-kicks and shooting, lace design has become an even more integral part of a football boot.

Young, aspiring footballers in their aim to play like Ronaldo, demand superior lacing in their boots. Keeping that in mind, Nike has added asymmetrical lacing system for both Phade 3 FG and Phade III SG. This state of the art lacing system is essential for extended ball control while shooting and passing with power and accuracy.

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Nike Hypervenom Phade Styles

More details on the Hypervenom Phade III

The lowest tier boot in the Hypervenom range is the Nike Hypervenom Phade 3. This is boot is perfect for young players just starting out in the game that want to have a boot that looks similar to star players such as, Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane and Marcus

As with the entire Hypervenom range, the Phade is for the out-and-out striker, with precise finishing a key benefit of the boot. Some other performance benefits of the Hypervenom Phade 3 are the aggressive stud configuration and increased control and touch when playing. 

Phade III Control

The upper on this boot has a textured finish which helps to create friction between the ball and the boot. This enables the player to control the ball better. The soft upper also molds to the player’s foot for enhancing fit and comfort. 

Hypervenom Phade III Soleplate

The soleplate of the Phade is both supportive and responsive, with the entire plate made from the TPU material used on most of Nike’s lower end models. Nike has included a mixed stud configuration made up of normal studs and chevrons, allowing the player to turn and cut with ease. 

The Hypervenom Phade III boots are a good option for the young player just starting in the game, however do not expect the performance benefits of the Phantom, Phinish or Phatal ranges. It’s safe to say when it comes to football boots you get what you pay for. 

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