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Are you a fan of Nike Football Boots? Well, check out all the latest boot offerings from Nike, including the full Mercurial, Magista, Tiempo, Hypervenom and Premier collections. If you want to compare other boot brands, check out the full range of football boots on the market.

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Top 11 Players that wear Nike Football Boots

Nike Football Boots Best 11 Players

Players that wear Nike Football Boots

Its not just Ronaldo, Nike have a whole roster of world class talent on their books.
Nike Football Boot Players

Nike is the leading sports brand in the world. A favourite choice for professionals and amateurs in most sports and football is no different.

Nike football boot range is vast with a huge collection of boots to for every level from elite to entry level. Their football boot ranges are geared towards specific types of players and come in the following 6 models:

What’s Special about Nike Football Boots

Many years of research have gone into creating the current lines available in the Nike football boots collection. With all boots designed for not only style, but comfort and a specific glove like fit, whilst unique technologies help improve your game.

As you can imagine from a one of the most style conscious sports brands out there, Nike football boots come in a vast array of colours and styles. So no matter what your lucky colour is or the colour of the teams strip you should be able to find a suitable boot to make you look the part of the field.

Nike Football Boots Technology

Each style of Nike football boot has been meticulously designed to enable players to have the most precise contact with the ball as possible. Their boot designs provide a snug close fit with the foot for fewer distractions when playing. Ensuring you feel as professional as possible on the pitch, with the added safety and performance benefits.

All of Nike stylish boots offer specific benefits that will help in various aspects of the game. Although style and design is important, Nike haven’t neglected the much needed technology for enhancing speed, improving control, accuracy when passing or shooting.

Each year Nike seems to improve their boot spec with their ever advancing research and development techniques. There current spec of boots has no unneeded materials that may add weight or have a negative effect on performance.

Nike Football Boots for Different Ground Type

As with all top football brands, Nike have different stud configuration for every type of playing surface including:

  • Grass
  • Artificial Grass
  • Soft Ground
  • Street
  • Indoor

Every pair is design with the traction to ensure you get the best support when moving in different conditions. So no matter the weather it will not be your boots that let you down.

Various styles in Nike football boot range provide a waterproof upper, which ensure your feet stay dry throughout the winter months.

Nike Football Boots Designs and Colourways

The selection of design styles and colours available in Nike football Boots is almost endless. These styles are vibrant and cool, to ensure your stand out on the pitch. Nike also allow you to design your own boots if there pre-set designs do not take your fancy, so you’ll no longer need to give up on style to cater to your team colours.

No matter what level of football you play, Nike has a selection to cater to everyone. However the top end boots may seem a little prices, but it most cases you do get what you pay for.

The entry level options do still provide high quality performance and fit, however they may lack the much needed technology for an advantage over your opponent.

The History of Nike Football Boots

History of Nike Football Boots

Nike Football Boots -1971 The Nike

1971- Nike’s first Football Boots

In 1971 Nike launch the first Nike football boots to bear the famous swoosh and was fittingly named “The Nike”.
However this boot didn’t perform as well as Nike had hoped, so they decided to learn more about the football boot market and focus on tennis, basketball and running.

If only you could predict the future, football enthusiast could have bought a piece of footballing history for a mere $16.95.

Nike Football Boots Portland Timbers Kit 1978

1978 – Nike’s first Football Team Sponsorship

Nike spent the next few decades researching and developing products to help improve a football player’s game. Portland Timbers were the first professional team to sign a Nike football deal in 1978, with the whole team playing in their boots and the Nike logo printed on the right sleeve.

Nike Football Boots Ian Rush 1982

1982 – Nike’s First Football Athlete

Nike signed Liverpool legend Ian Rush as the first official Nike Football athlete in 1982. This was a successful year for Nike football as Aston Villa won the European Cup with the entire team wearing Nike football boots.

Nike Football Boots Mia Hamm

1993 – Nike’s first woman sponsored, wearing Nike Football Boots

Nike invested heavily in women’s football in 1993 signing USA’s greatest ever goalscorer Mia Hamm, who become Nike first female football athlete.

1994 – Brazilians in Nike Football Boots

As Brazil lifted the 1994 world cup, 8 of their 22 players were already wearing Nike football boots. However Nike set their sites on sponsoring the most iconic football nation in the world and in 1996 Nike signed a lucrative kit and equipment sponsor deal with the Brazilian Football Federation.

We will only truly understand football when we see the game through the eyes of Brasilians.
Phil Knight Nike Chairman and Co-founder

Now sponsoring the World Cup holders, Nike decided to invest more funds into research and development and opened a boot factory in Italy. This remains Nike footballs main development facility for new boots including the Magista Obra and Mercurial Superfly.

1996 was topped off with the U.S women’s team and Nigerian men’s team both winning Olympic goal medals whilst sponsored by Nike.

Nike Football Boots Airport

1997 – Nike Football Boots and Ronaldo

In 1997 Nike produced the first synthetic leather premium boot and allowed professional players to test them out. The response from the professionals was so positive the majority of them didn’t want to give the boots back.

This lead Brazilian Ronaldo to debut the new Mercurial’s at world cup in France a year later. This was the same year as Nike’s incredible “Airport” commercial

Nike Football Boots Manchester United

2001 – Nike Football and England’s Biggest Club

Nike became the official kit supplier for the worlds best know club Manchester United in 2001, a deal which lasted 13 years and broke records with £100 million it took to first secure the contract.

Nike Football Boots and Youtube

Real or fake the “Ronaldinho, A Touch of Gold” video was a stroke of genius for Nike football. Promoting the new Nike Tiempo boots, the video showed Brazilian great Ronaldinho striking the ball against the bar 4 times effortlessly.

This video became YouTubes first ever 1 million views video and spark the trend of viral videos.

Nike Football Boots The First Hypervenom

2013 – Nike Design the Hypervenom Footballs Boots for Strikers

In 2013 Nike launched there first Hypervenom football boot, aimed at helping attacking players shoot and create space easily. Neymar Jr. and Wayne Rooney were involved in the research and development of this iconic boot and highlighted the need to address the speed of the modern game. This was Nike’s first use of the NIKESKIN innovation for a barefoot like feel.

Nike Football Boots Sock Boots

2014 – Nike Sock Football Boots – The first Mid Cut

2014 saw the first of Nike’s market changing mid cut football boots. Sporting an innovative Flyknit upper, Nike targeted playmakers and speedsters with the Magista and Mercurial Superfly.

New design innovations like Nike Flyknit technology provide a quantum leap forward in what boots can be — and what they can help players achieve,” said NIKE, Inc. President and CEO Mark Parker.